What is Average?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average family size is currently 3.14 people. There is nothing average about that. How do you have a .14th of a person? My husband and I once had an averaged sized family, one son and one daughter. That was when I was writing the story . . .
Then I gave God the pen.

Our Yearly Tradition: Leavenworth After Christmas

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Chivalrous Proposal

Leavenworth has become a yearly destination for our family. Our adult children all the way down to our grandkids look forward to this annual get-away. Friends of theirs have often joined us, adding to the joy of reconnecting. Some of our best memories have been made on this trip!

There’s something magical about being in Leavenworth, especially when it’s snowing. An evening stroll in the quaint lit village brings the illusion of being in a snow globe. You’re transported into a time where life moves at a slower pace and stress becomes a foreigner.

Our most recent trip to Leavenworth was my favorite yet! It began the night before we left. My oldest daughter’s boyfriend, Craig, who was going with us on this trip, sent a text message to my husband asking if he could meet with him that evening.

My husband told us he needed to run to the store to get some things for Leavenworth. My daughter, Ally, and I were none the wiser – until he came home. Then I knew something that Ally wasn’t going to find out until later! She was going to get a marriage proposal in Leavenworth! Oh the excitement of keeping a secret!

We knew that Craig would eventually propose to Ally. They had been dating since their junior year of high school. But what we didn’t expect, and were delightfully surprised with, was Craig’s chivalry in asking permission to marry Ally!

Chivalry is defined as courage that is presented with honor and respect.

My husband told me it brought tears to his eyes when Craig proclaimed his love for our daughter and declared that he could not imagine his life without her. He felt so honored when Craig asked for permission to marry Ally.

It’s rare for a young man to ask permission from a father to marry his daughter. In today’s society, who asks for permission for anything? Too much has been given, too much has been expected, and entitlement is the attitude.

Many of our youth have lost a sense of honor for those who are supposed to be their adult role models. Who can we blame? Those of us who parent the next generation. We often neglect to teach that courage with honor and respect wins favor and opens the door for success in every situation!

Craig’s chivalrous request escorted us into the next day as we headed out on our annual trip. And Leavenworth didn’t disappoint! The village was covered in snow and the evening was ushered in with a beautiful, quiet snowfall.

It was that first snowy evening that Craig took Ally for a walk. They left as boyfriend and girlfriend and returned as fiancées, pledged to one another for a summer wedding. The celebration of this moment created a beautiful memory for us all!

To our future son-in-law’s parents, we are so thankful that you raised a chivalrous young man who loves and can’t imagine life without our daughter!