What is Average?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average family size is currently 3.14 people. There is nothing average about that. How do you have a .14th of a person? My husband and I once had an averaged sized family, one son and one daughter. That was when I was writing the story . . .
Then I gave God the pen.

Our Yearly Tradition: Leavenworth After Christmas

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


There's a conversation that goes off like clockwork everyday after school, one that is so predictable and can be likened to a constant drip. It greets me minutes after my sixth grader walks in the door after school. I think her version of the verse in Timothy must go like this:

1Tim. 6:8 - "But if we have food, clothing and a cell phone, we will be content with that."

This is one deprived child. You see, she is one of the only students at her school without a cellphone (so she thinks). And she wastes no time after getting off the bus to engage me in a 17 minute conversation about how irritating all her friends are with their cellphones and how rude their texting is because it causes them to ignore her and about their "chatting amongst themselves" about their razors which causes her to feel left out. She hopes her life of despair will be solved by me rushing right out to buy her a cellphone. I listen with empathy and respond with great wisdom: "You need to choose new friends".

So I pondered today - do I whine and complain like a child to God when I want something that I can't have? Of course I do. Do I sound like a constant, irritating drip? Probably. Does He listen with empathy? I'm sure He does. And He always responds with His infinite wisdom: "You need to choose me". Ahh, yes. How simple the solution and how wonderful the contentment that follows.

1Tim. 6:6 - "But godliness with contentment is great gain."


Vicky said...

Thank you Janie! I needed this today!
(I found your blog from a comment you left on Laurel's blog. I appreciate you sharing your motherly wisdom with the rest of us too. Brilliant idea Bryan!)

Jami Janelle said...

It is so important to pass on pearls! Thanks for your contribution! I am already blessed by your words! Looking forward to the rest of this challenge. Your son is a smart cookie getting you into this blogging world. Much love to you Janie!

Jeremiah D. said...

Auntie Janie, I got to say that I was more than a little surprised to see that you had a blog. And more than a little impressed with the contents. :) Thanks for sharing this simple and beautiful picture of our often whiny approach to God. I love your writing, so keep it up!! Hope all is well with the Reynolds!!

greekkid31 said...

i loved you blog...got me to really think about how i whine about how crappy my life is. you are right in saying we need to choose Him, thanks for your wisdom. love you,
gregory james

Lindsey said...

Auntie Janie! What words of wisdom! I really like what you said about we need to choose God, that struck a cord in me! Love you, and hope the family is well! Give them all my love and hugs... Lindsey <><
(p.s. feel free to read my blog too...)

Jim & Laurel said...

Well ... looks like all of my kids found your blog. Great idea, Bryan ... now "Auntie Janie" can give all her pearls of wisdom to my kids too.

Keep up the great writing!